Inspiration Lab @ Inhorgenta Munich 2015 4K

Image Film of the Inspiration Lab @ Inhorgenta Munich 2015
a collaboration with Yves Peitzner
Inhorgenta Munich is a leading international trade show for jewelry, timepieces and lifestyle, with around 30 thousand visitors from 89 countries and over 1000 exhibitors every year.
In order to create a great experience, we decided to establish the INSPIRATION LAB.

For the second year now, it is stage for the exchange of ideas and experiences, to talk about tradition and future, discuss design issues and technologies, create mutual projects,
initiate interdisciplinary partnerships & to promote innovation.

To highlight the quality of German creators, manufacturers, designers & pioneers, the Inspiration Lab set its main focus on Made in Germany,
a globally recognized and highly respected seal of quality. Three interactive magazine installations were a highlight of the Inspiration Lab.
Visitors could interact with the content via hand movement and browse through multimedia content, which concentrated on the German industries’ movers and shakers, designers and artists.
At the same time it demonstrated how to present jewelry products and ideas in an innovative, engaging and fun way. It’s a classic form of communication taken on an entirely new level.
A complimentary limited edition print magazine, designed by renowned graphic designer Mirko Borsche, was also produced.

At the LIVE 3D DESIGN STUDIO, Australian artist & designer Jordan Askill created a flower necklace sculpture, which was the central piece of the installation.
In order to show the whole production chain of the initial design up to the final 3D printed piece, he designed a signature sculpture “live” which was being printed out on the go and assembled during the trade show days.
We also hosted one of the world’s first mobile 3D body scanners.
It is a mobile, contactless, full body scanning system that ensures a highly precise detection of the human body and other complex surface structures in less than a second.
Therefore it opens revolutionary new possibilities in creation, development and launch of highly customized products.
For the Inspiration Lab Symposium, we invited national experts to talk about their enthralling history and company traditions and internationally recognized jewelry designers presented their work.
The highlight of the symposium was the wearable technology conference. We invited the world’s cutting edge wearable technology companies to present their exciting work & designs.

Also leading international technology scientists talked about the future of the jewelry and watch industry as well as sustainability in the wearable technology sector.

The high caliber panel discussion was about values of tradition versus the future.
The second installation of the Inspiration Lab @ Inhorgenta Munich has become an important source of inspiration of the jewelry and watch industry.