Sipahi & Co – Eco Luxury Leather Goods 4K


Sipahi & Co – Eco Luxury Leather Goods

Sipahi & Co offers consumers eco-luxury leather goods:
sustainably sourced leather – tanned exclusively with oak bark in the last tannery of its kind.

By combining sustainable leather with heirloom design and skilled British craftsmanship
we are able to showcase leather goods that develop a stunning patina and age gracefully
- like good Bordeaux!

Our buckles are exclusively made for us in one of the last remaining English foundries.
Most of the material used for our buckles is from recycled brass.
Individually sand cast and hand polished – they are of unmistakable quality.

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Concept: Banu Sipahi

Director, Camera & Editing: Niklas Goslar

Music: ‘Vision’ by Steven Gutheinz