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Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) – The MUST2 – mobile unit for war surgery

This unit is a life-saving solution for war surgery: the strong mobility and autonomy make it usable in conflict areas such as Iraq and Yemen,
but the unit can also be sent out in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, where the number of wounded is very high.

The goal of this unit is to stabilize war wounded, by stopping bleeding as quickly as possible.
A stabilized patient who is transferred for definitive surgery has much more chance of survival than a patient who immediately lands on the operating table.

The surgical unit can be moved by boat, plane or over the country, and is fully assembled in 12 hours.
It has its own water purification system and generators, which means that it is not dependent on external supply of pure water and electricity.
Moreover, the unit can be fully adapted to the needs: the unit consists of 10 containers, but this can be expanded to 16,
making two operating rooms available. But the biggest advantage is perhaps the complete autonomy in the field of medical supplies:
the unit has all the necessary medical equipment to be able to run independently for 7 days.

Camera : Niklas Goslar

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